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For me when I train, I can't help but just enjoy myself... the graceful movements, learning the technique and doing it correctly is all I bother to think about during the lessons... I think I trust my Sensei enough to leave the 'effective' bit up to him.

Maybe outside the dojo, I think about the different ways of applying the techniques and budo aspects... but never whether or not it will work... surely that side of things is instictive- with the budo side anyway... being selfish and not being selfish is pretty easy to define in behaviour... or am I wrong...? humility and respect are all things we understand? arent they? you may have all sorts of excuses in your head for the way you behaved but you still knew you 'did wrong' in the end... didn't you?

Infact the technical side should be quite easy to work out too... I mean aikido movements and locks, throws and whatever else are all pretty logically worked out aren't they... I mean... it all goes back to some scientists 3rd rule or some thing... every action has an reaction if you throw someone in a certain direction... they will go in that direction won't they? if someone trys to grab at you... could you move in a certain position to make them think 'somewhere' is a good place to grab, when actually that 'somewhere' is the exact place you learned to defend against in your lesson... isn't that why we have stances? so that we're not open to attack in vulnerable places? I dunno... oh god!... i don't want to think about this anymore... im just mumbling on... im not even sure if ive got the right point across...

Ive probably got the complete wrong end of the stick...

No... I don't think about the effectiveness of it... at least, I didn't used too...

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