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Smile Winjitsu - A Mental Martial Art

Winjitsu is all about improving your life skills. Here is a breakdown of the five sections that make up this system of mental martial arts:

ACE (thumb) -- Achieving Combined Excellence
Finding your winning Personality

MAK (middle finger) -- Motivation -- Action -- Knowledge
Making it Happen

MBS (index finger) -- Mind, Body, and Spirit
The Synergy for Success

NRG (ring finger) -- Neuro Reasons for Growth
Internal Power for Achievement

CMT (little finger) -- Creative Mental Training
The Magic of our Imagination

These winning factors probably make Winjitsu a very well rounded system of Martial Arts...makes it effective, complete and exciting

Winjitsu teaches you how to overcome:


and everything you need to know to gain control of your life and to build:


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