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Ken Koek (Kenn) wrote:
I'll say it again...semantics. If you don't want to call it budo, who gives a f*%k. If someone chooses to train in an Aikido dojo, without their interest being martial application, so be it. I think they are still practicing Aikido.
I suppose that would depend on what exactly you think that "Aikido" is...
Ken Koek (Kenn) wrote:
Break down the word....if you want to use semantics...Ai Ki Do...the way of harmony with universal energy. Nothing martial there at all. Now I'm sure you can rebutt me with quotes about budo, and O'sensei. But my point here is.......who cares. As others have said before me....

Train Train Train.

Peace, Kenn
"Aiki" is one word, not two. For that matter, "Judo" or "Karate" don't really have anything martial if you break down the names into individual characters - FWIW, neither does "Tenshin Shoden Shinto Katori Ryu", which may be the oldest organized budo in Japan.

No quotes, I think that M. Ueshiba made his feelings about the importance of budo in the way he created quite clear on many occasions.



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