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Re: Student Intake Questionnaire

Antonia Williams wrote: View Post
I maintain my point that these decisions are best made as a dialogue. You supported that position, when you stated that you decide this WITH the potential student. That is my most significant point.
A dialogue can only begin if both parties are open to both listening and discussing. I find that requiring prospective new members to watch at least one class before allowing them to apply for membership facilitates that. For one, their willingness tells me a lot about their ability to listen and pay attention, for another, watching them watch, teaches me a lot about them, even before the questions begin.

Randy Sexton wrote: View Post
Interesting discussion. Lots of food for thought.

On the other hand, how would you create a questionnaire that the potential student could ask the instructor to complete?
A potential student is usually far less equipped to ask all the right questions, but they can often ask very pertinent ones. When I first came back to aikido, however, I read a lot and watched several classes (even though it wasn't required), and had discussions with teh instructors (again not required in that dojo) before I made my decision.


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