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Re: Everybody Is An Instructorů.

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and yet, on of the disadvantages that we have is that we have intellect. What I mean is..yes...we can choose who we can learn from in the basic sense of intellect. Yet how do most of us make our choices? How do we decide who is qualified to teach us? How to we measure how well someone teaches us? In Aikido sense it is usually who ever is available.

What about when we can't "let go"? what about when our own "intellect" gets in our way and we stand by the thoughts, paradigms, and experiences that are comfortable, safe, and convenient?

I think one of the biggest challenges we face in budo is this whole problem of intellect. How do we separate it from ego? how do we become more objective?
How do we decide anything in life? How do we choose a piece of fruit in the grocery store? How do we know which fruits we will like or not like? How do we know if a particular piece is ripe for eating or not? The only way we can learn to choose fruit is through experience. Sure someone can give us tips based on their own experience. But we cannot truly choose fruit until we have experienced choosing and its results many times..... right?

And what about trying new fruits? Those we are unfamiliar with? Are we adventurous enough to try new tings or do we shun them as not for us without every having given it a chance?

On a very basic level choosing who we learn from is very much like selecting fruit. Its personal and must come from within based on our own experiences. Assisted by others but our decision alone. Maybe our decisions are not always right. Welcome to life.

One person may say that yundasha or even kyu student, so and so, has nothing to offer me..... while someone else may say of the same person... they really helped me to look at this in a way that I could apply to my personal skill.

One person may love kiwis while someone else cannot bear them. Does that mean we listen to the advice of the person who loves them or that of the person who does not. Or should we ask someone who has never tasted a kiwi?

ok enough of this philosophy... I think I'll go have myself a banana.
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