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Re: Student Intake Questionnaire

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And that's why they make chocolate and vanilla.

I think you misunderstand me. I don't decide that at all. That's their decision. I decide who I am willing to put a personal investment in. Moreover, I decide that WITH the potential student, not despite them. And some of them have decided it for me. In fact, that is more often the way it works out.

If I think it's more appropriate for what they want out of their training, I will happily recommend my old dojo to them and will probably train with them in that environment from time to time (I don't visit often any more).

Do you realize how condescending and presumptive your assumptions about the effects of my actions are? You don't have any idea about how negative or destructive my perspectives are, I assure you.

In any case, I am not offended or affected by your opinion, I'm just offering the perspective that while something like a questionnaire or other selective process can certainly be carried into a destructive or a negative level, they can also be valuable tools for a group of people who DO know exactly what they are trying to get out of their training.

You are not only welcome to believe and follow your path, I encourage it.

I agree that theere is some misunderstanding here. I said the ideas that "you endorse"; there is a difference. An elitist place would understand this LOL...just kidding...

But seriuosly, it's good to hear that you are more open than your posting (gave the impression). And I can understand that you take your investment seriously.

I did not presume anything. You stated it in your posting. Others' picked it up as well. So let's be mindful of that.

I maintain my point that these decisions are best made as a dialogue. You supported that position, when you stated that you decide this WITH the potential student. That is my most significant point.

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