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Re: "Shinto" or "Shin Tao"?

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Cough...did you READ the posts in this thread?

What was written was just plain wrong. The person who wrote it has acknowledged it was wrong. It was not a crime to be wrong, but I fail to see why someone would continue to try to defend it now that it has been clearly identified as wrong.

I know Ron. I's very subtle sometimes and it is hard for some to know what am getting at, at times. It's a fault of mine and I know. One of my points is it doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong. What matters is everyone but Maggie was wrong! And when Maggie used Shin Tao instead of the common spelling, I knew what she meant with the spelling. I got it. I wasn't posting to defend, but to add to, as stated in the first line of my post.

Happy New Year to you, and keep safe this holiday. And take care of that cough.

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