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Re: O-Sensei a Shinto Priest?

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In response to complaints on my phonetic spelling of "shinto", I've been spelling it as "Shin Tao" which has been annoying some people.

A source:
Shinto is an ancient Japanese religion. Starting about 500 BCE (or earlier) it was originally "an amorphous mix of nature worship, fertility cults, divination techniques, hero worship, and shamanism." Its name was derived from the Chinese words "shin tao" ("The Way of the Gods")

People got upset privately and publically with my spelling of "Shinto".. in the end we are taking non-English characters and trying to translate in a phonetic language. So in the end I don't even think the spelling matters, but it was a big point to some to discredit my intelligence in general LOL
Too add:

"Shinto" originated in an early Chinese term pronounced Shentao. Shinto wasn't an organized religious tradition and practice that owes allot to its organization and content to Chinese and Buddist influences. It really isn't a indigenous religion of Japan, as many think, and reasonably so. Prior to it organization it was loosely organized around family lines having no central organization, without a common name, inferes an absense of a common accepted spelling in English. So when Buddhism and Chinese culture pop on scene before Shinto (or Shen tao per your prefer of spelling in English) in Japan was there a reason for distingushing the old traditional stuff from the new forign stuff. That includes language, a centralized or common name etc. The Japanese took up the Japanese expression of "kami no michi" a.k.a Shinto. It is despite the influences from the Buddists and Chinese on "kami no michi" that they kept the understood expression of "kami no michi."

So if anything, Shinto is Shentao or Shin tao ( heck we haven’t even talked impacts of native Japanese accents or dialects on the word, we just talkin’ spellin’ Cuz) can be acceptable spelling in the English language. Though many academic types use Shinto, and those McArthur pissed off, and the fall out from that results in the most frequent spelling of "kami no michi” as Shinto, it’s not the only one. That is why in English we do thing like use parenthesizes when we write as such, “The Shentao (Shinto) tradition….” That isn’t the only way we do it either, sometimes we use the word, “or” or a.k.a. explain it. Like for example, Shin tao, or also known as Shinto, etc. But, we don’t have toooo. Especially, here since this isn’t a publish text or anything. People, well most have brains, to figure it out.

And what we should really be typing furiously at our warrior keyboards in our bunny slippers is the more accurate and intended Japanese expression of "kami no michi" instead of Shinto or variations of spelling. Something which initially and originally lacked a common or central name. I am sure there where hundreds of other names for the old religious traditions of Japan before someone decided they needed a common name for it so it wouldn't get mixed up with the Buddist and Chinese stuff that it eventually was influenced and did get mixed up with it. Ouch! Someone did their hoooooomeworrrrrk, all in their bunny slippers. I bet I get an A+ LOL I know am going to be flammed, at least I will have my aikibunny flame retardent swimsuit on.

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