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Re: Student Intake Questionnaire

Maarten De Queecker wrote: View Post
So basically, you see yourself as a master in the art? It sure looks like it, seeing as how you decide who can join class and who can't. You even make them waste six hours of their life watching you guys have fun.
If I were to look for a new place to train and the instructor would say to me "why don't you watch for a couple of lessons so I can see if you meet the requirements to be my disciple" I would leave immediately. Such a person can teach me nothing since he is too stuck up with his own ego.
I don't see where Tarik claimed mastery. Just that he was picky about who he trained with and taught. I doubt he has any disciples, probably some close friends though. His place, his rules.

BTW. I've met Tarik once, trained with him very briefly and exchanged emails. No other connection.

Many, many places want you to call ahead or watch classes before training. I don't think a teacher is required to waste any time on someone unwilling to spend 6 hours of their time seeing if what is taught do is right for the student.

I spent way more than 6 hours checking out dojos before I picked one. It's not a major investment of time considering you want a long term relationship.


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