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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
can't push. our muscle is either in contraction (pull) state or non-contraction. a push to your chest is the same as a pull to your back. essentially, our body is a large and complex pulley system. adding to the complication, some muscles are fast twitch and some, slow, i.e. they don't contract at the same speed.
And yet *we can push*.
And is there is something special in *pushing* that Ueshiba taught Tenryu that way.
q) Why is that?
q2) How and in what way is pushing special?

some thoughts i had (what do you think):
"putting your center behind your push"
"putting you intent behind your push"
"putting the groundpath through the push"
"using the force of your body's gravity through the push"
-you can 'pull' parts of your body so strongly that they can line up and push hard (pinnacling at fa-jin?) or tear yourself apart if you are not doing it right (i.e. misaligned, for instance)
-you can clearly be perceived as a push or a pull; but your muscles always pull, as you say. that is cool. still not done thinking thru that. (was thinking 'You build a push out of your muscle pulls' , or something like that)

what do you think? I agree, by the way, that a muscle cannot push, but you can

the rest of your post was great too. been thinking about that stuffs.

take it easy
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