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Re: Fact or Fiction (of Morihei Ueshiba's Life)

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Would this not be true for any study with any result, i.e., that 1/3 of the participants' results were slower (or whatever) than the other 2/3? Say, for example, that you take 99 people and have them run a 100 meter dash. 33 of them will have times slower than the other 66 -- I can guarantee it right now. In fact, they can all skip the 100 and go to the bar
Sure, but the implication is that we're not dealing with an even gradient. I took it to mean 33 and 1/3 people out of 100 didn't attain the same rate of processing that the remaining 66 and 2/3 did: Let's say that majority processes at an average rate of 1 (arbitrary number for the sake of argument), the remaining third might process at approximately .5318008.

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