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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)


Just curious. Where we are at now in our training, we sort of do 3 types of training with an eye towards a fourth. Roughly broken down, that is.

1. Solo training. Conditioning the body with internal training exercises. Actually the Aikido "warm up" exercises seem to be a good fit for this, too. I do the "rowing exercise" but completely differently than before.

2. Paired partner training. These are simple exercises that are either static or the most basic of movements. I guess one example would be a push test. One person stands while the other person pushes/pulls either an outstretched hand, a shoulder, the chest, hips, etc.

3. Paired partner exercises. These begin to be dynamic but aren't complex. I would put your video in this category. While we might train some specific technique, like cross hand wrist grab kote gaeshi, we aren't working on the technique. Instead, we work on keeping structure and intent under a more complex load or force. In this case, an uke who is providing force while there is movement from both uke and tori. It's never about the technique as we will stop at various times to pick up intent or structure that was lost.

4. Free style. Spontaneous techniques, randori, etc. Using aiki in a free environment. (Not there yet.)

We actually subdivide each section into two: uke is using muscle and uke is using Internal Skill/Structure/whatever. So, we will work with an uke who uses normal muscle and then we'll do the same exercise using an uke who attacks with structure. Uke reacts very differently in each mode. It's good to train against both. As we progress, the former is getting a lot easier while the latter is getting a lot harder.

Just wondered if that compares in any way to your training?
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