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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)

No worries Mark, I never took any of your posts that way. My reply to you was intended to echo how hard it is to tell how much force is actually part of an encounter on video, but must have come out like I was trying to convince you. My bad.

Mike, those are all good suggestions and actually reflect how we train in class to a large extent, experimentation followed by physical and verbal feedback (from Neil and from other people in the group). As for tossing out the "martial application" side, this video was never intended to demonstrate applied or "martial" waza. Both are explorations of movement with a partner, the second is more like applied waza, but it still a teaching technique for the most part.

Since my goal in posting videos is to engage in conversation and not to offer how-to or a sales pitch I don't think I would go into quite the detail you're talking about in video format. I think we would hit the same issues of what is/isn't resistance and compliance.

But, since they are good points of conversation, I'll try to go into a bit more detail here a bit later.

Thanks to everyone for the conversation, good stuff.

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