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Re: Types of "Waza"

Here are some definitions I wrangled up:

osae: control, a check, a weight
(1)katame: one eye
(2)katame: hardening, defense, fortifying, pledge

That being said, understand that many terms used in martial arts are in a certain context which non-initiated native Japanese speakers may not understand. This could be due to the esoteric nature of the term used (ie, suigetsu zuki) or because its an antiquated term (ie, hiriki).

At our school many martial arts are practiced. We try to distinguish differences when practicing each martial art: both technique and term. Some terms are used for, say judo, more frequently than aikido...and vice versa. Technique-wise we try to do things like keeping are feet together for judo throws, but having them about shoulder width apart for aikido (even if its the same throw)...or even having a hip level hikite for taw kwon do, and one about chest high for karate.

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