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Mike Sigman
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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I think that post's a keeper, Mark. Thanks for pointing it out. Everyone should put that one in their files for future reference.

Chris: Maybe if you broke the video even further down and simply tossed the "martial applications" bit while focussing on why one thing is stronger than another? What's actually happening that you feel makes one throw "stronger" than another? Couldn't you take a static target and apply a force against it one way and then compare it with a force another way?

One of the problems, as people have more or less vaguely pointed out, is that as you complicate a demonstration with "is that a committed attack?" etc., you get diverted from the point you're trying to make and think about. Frankly, the discussions about I.S. that move too quickly into "applications" also too quickly (IMO) get off into technique, uke-cooperation, and so on. I like the stark, clinical way of discussing what's going on.


Mike Sigman
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