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Re: Instructive Daito Ryu clip

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
One of my personal favorites,Ron Duncan
Launch a punch like a ten yr old and stand there while you get hit ten times.

It's always interesting to watch the uke in any martial art demonstration; they show, tell and make clear what is going on much more than the instructor. My favorite response is "What happened to your other arm? And why did you fall down? Did you have polio as a child?
Amen...I remember one Sensei saying to his Uke/Audiance during a demo "Sorry you're in the wrong class.... Martial Arts Acting School is down the hall."

I won't tell you the Karate Sensei's name but I am a big guy and at one of his Demos he pointed me out and asked me to attack him...To be fair he did not know my background...I threw a couple of half speed jabs and he insisted I attack "harder" So I threw another jab and he bit hook line and sinker and did your basic block counter... Without even thinking I entered and side stepped him and did a basic Uke Goshi Throw.... which knocked the wind out of him...I felt so bad for him.

As i mentioned before on another occasion after a Nishio Aikido Seminar a kindly old Chinese lady who had spent the weekend babysitting her grandchild kindly asked Yoshida Sensei if she could demonstrate a bit of her Wu Shu, Kung Fu, or Chi Gong ( I am still not sure what I saw) All I know is she blew our minds...

You never know who will be watching you So your shit BETTER be wired tight.

William Hazen

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