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Re: Group by attack or throw or neither?

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That's awesome! I was able to spend some time there (very brief) and fell in love with the place. Out of curiosity, what part of the country?
Battambang - Northwest, about 2 hrs from the Thai border. Feel free to visit ^_^

Great replies everyone, they've been really useful. At first I thought it'd be easier for beginners to take in lessons if I focussed on one technique each session and came at it from different attacks as suggested above. However I really like the point raised that practicing multiple techniques from the same attack develops flexibility and an awareness of the range of movements that can be done. While this is potentially more confusing to students at least at first, there's something about the freedom of movement in it that seems very important to Aikido - so I think we'll be trying that from now on. Thanks for all the input!
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