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C.E. Clark (Chuck Clark) wrote:
If the practical effectiveness of what you're doing is not part of the criteria that you use to evaluate your training, then you aren't doing budo. It is that simple.
Hi Chuck;

I was worried you had not posted of late - so much so that I was about to send a private message to see how you were feeling. Last week I was glad to see you were back.

Answer to the poll: all the time.

I am not interested in becoming the ultimate fighter - but when I do Budo I do budo.

I understand the role of exercises that at first glance may not seem that martial but they are just that exercises. It pains me when I see Aikido training where the exercises are the goal.

The dogma at Shodokan is that it is through the exercises that your Aikido improves but there is a very strong connection between those exercises and technique. I have seen some very interesting tangents and no - once Aikido is no longer Budo it is no longer Aikido.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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