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Re: Group by attack or throw or neither?

Justin Lorenzon wrote: View Post
I'm running some practice sessions in Cambodia - not game to call them lessons, given my experience with the art yet - but I'm thinking for the first time about practice session format.

In one session, do you prefer to train a group of techniques from the same attack, or do you prefer to train a single hold/throw from a group of attacks? I've practiced with both schedules, and plenty of sessions with no apparent unified theme at all - what are you favourite lesson formats?
That's awesome! I was able to spend some time there (very brief) and fell in love with the place. Out of curiosity, what part of the country?

I personally like both basic formats you described. It's depended on what I've wanted to focus on as to which I liked better I guess. If I was forced to pick I suppose I generally prefer to see how the same technique/movement applies to different attacks. For me this has seemed to really illustrate the nature of the technique itself. On the other hand I also really like seeing different ways of responding to common attacks. Both seem pretty important to use.
I'd go with both.
p.s. what they said ^

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