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Re: Instructive Daito Ryu clip

Linda Eskin wrote: View Post
The info with the video says it is "Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu & Yawara Demo."

Isn't it? Sorry, newbie here. I wouldn't know if it was/wasn't, myself.

Whatever it is, I don't wanna be Uke. Although he was laughing...
Hi Linda
He can call it whatever he wants. FWIW, I read: Daito Ryu aikijujutsu, Shorinjin, Saito Ninjutsu, Ktchen sink, I ran out of names to add to it...ryu
Whatever it is-it's not Daito ryu.
As for being Uke, we're different Linda; I would have looooved to have let let him try that stuff out on me.
Seriously though....yuk!
Happy Holidays

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