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I must disagree, I think, on one thing. Yes, O'sensei intended Aikido to be budo. To be martial. However, would you consider it wrong for someone to attend an Aikido dojo, study and practice and train in Aikido without their intention being to learn the martial aspect of it?

I'd say nothing wrong with it. The way my Sensei puts it, if I interprut what he says correctly, is that the martial aspect you learn from Aikido, although effective, is secondary.

I'd agree. There are many martial arts that can be martially effective for someone in a much shorter period of time.

Now I'm not interested in starting the "Is Aikido maritally effective" debate for the umpfteenth time. My point is this:

If someone enjoys training in Aikido, and their intentions are not martial, so be it, nothing wrong with it, they can still get what they want out of it, spiritually, physically, mentally, etc.

Perhaps, as you say, Chuck, they are not practicing what, they are still training in Aikido...

Peace, Kenn


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