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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)

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Dan, interesting post. I'm assuming you're talking about the first one? If so, three comments. First: again I'm trying to actually do the solo exercise with resistance. I need to work at it more, as I mentioned to Mark, with most folks I can basically just do twisted mabu, but Jeremy is really solid. Second, the more applied version of what I demonstrated there (the one that Neil likes a lot better) is much more in line with what you recommend. The waist drives the cross in a pure horizontal plane until uke is compressed then we add a weight drop to effect the throw. Third: the heel rotation is from our Yanagi Ryu influence, so take it up with Don.

Thanks very much for the comments!
Hi Chris
Actually I'm talking about both.
No big deal. I was suggesting that with the feet flat on the floor and the hips staying in line; the feet / waist / spine and arms will no longer just be moving horizontally or "together" in the way you are moving.
*Note, I'm not talking right or wrong here. I am talking about how you are training the body for power. When I see various kokyu throws being worked on I don't think just horizontal and I don't think hips. The legs would "each" be supported by two different things going on in them at same time as well which keeps the feet ankles in-line and stable-so for my purposes much of that movement violates what I would be seeking to remain connected. The pronated hip you end up with in your turn is just not somewhere I want to go in my own training. YMMV.
You might want to consider how what you are doing and specifically working on will "feel" and function while making repeated cuts across a floor with changing vectors and angles with a sword or large weapons. I think not so good.

Since you would have to change the essential body quality- why do anything that isn't consistent and cogent throughout? As you have noted by your many influences; there are ways to do things that are not all the same and indeed do conflict. For me I prefer movement that is consistent from start to finish, unarmed, and armed with sword, long weapons or twin sticks, Aikido, Jujutsu, MMA, etc.
Happy Holidays
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