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Re: "Shinto" or "Shin Tao"?

What Ellis described happens to me constantly with my Japanese in-laws.

The r/l thing is the best example of the flip-side of this. I have exchanged thousands of emails with my wife over the years and it always strikes me as weird that she will mis-TYPE words the same way she mispronounces them. In particular, she'll replace Ls with Rs. You wouldn't think a pronunciation issue would occur in text but there you have it.

Also, Japanese speakers with English as a second language seem to be more comfortable with the salutation "Dera Mr. ..." I imagine it the word "Dear" just don't look right, or perhaps typing two vowels right alongside each other doesn't feel right.

Someone should also point out that it is apparently very very difficult for English speakers to get the proper non-inflection right in Japanese. I think I am pretty good at supressing my urge to stress the middle syllable of the word "Aikido" but my wife tells me I get it wrong all the time; apparently I let the last syllable drop too much. We've got a dog named Tomoe - I wonder how confused she is over what her name is.
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