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Re: Group by attack or throw or neither?

We also practice multiple attacks here In our Dojo, as for beginner yudanshan's we let them wear full body armor (the one were using in Kali competitions) the ten attacker are all kali experts instructors level.

kindly, consider my English as you can see im a filipino and English is not my first language my apologies, i hope this will contribute in our learning in martial Arts.

attacking at full speed armed w/ kali sticks and one of the most essential techniques i.g. Soduri nage, Kotegaeshi, maki otoshi, Aiki otoshi, kokkyu nage, hiki otoshi. shiho nage and more.

just be ready or the feeling of you have nothing to lose and most importantly the attackers is the one's taking up all the beating so make sure you have full control of the situations. b`coz you`ll end up alone in the Dojo.

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