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Daniel Alexander
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Re: Full Speed Randori and Self Defense

In the street and in the dojo both may happen: a punch may be thrown, or a kick, or maybe a grab or a choke. The difference is this: intent. Much has been said about nages and their responses. However, and uke in a dojo will not come at you like someone in the street. An attacker in the street intends to injure, maim, kill, sexually assault, etc. If when uke comes with a strike you can put your hands down and receive the blow, followed up by a kick to the groin and a stomp on the head once you are down, the the street is being approximated. The energy of malicious intent can't be manufactured or reproduced. Therefore, we have the opportunity when in the street to practice discretion, alertness and compassion and when that assault comes it will be a whole different animal. We all must walk in the street and will prosper if we can do that with the same respect as in the dojo.
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