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Re: Practicing Ikea

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
I'm seriously considering getting an akita.
One of my friends asks me about my Akita all the time and of course I'm always more than happy to tell her all about it. I keep mentioning Akita to my mom as well, but she doesn't seem as interested, probably because she already has four Miniature Pinschers. Some of her friends even call her "Min Pin Patty," because she loves her min pins so much. I can somewhat relate to her enthusiasm because I wrestled in high school, but the concept of a four min pin seems a bit foreign to me since our rounds only lasted for three min.
Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
I am really working on finding my key.
My instructor's name is Lach and he's more in tune with his key than I can possibly believe. In any technique he performs, he always adds just a little bit of extra twist for good measure. In fact, one of his reasons for liking Aikido so much is that he felt it was calling out to him, because there are no punches and no kicks, but plenty of lachs.

At the beginning of each practice when he tells the class to get on the mat, a swarm of female students all swarm around and group hug me, which is perfect form if you ask me. I may be a tad biased though, because I'm a long time admirer of the female form.

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