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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)

Sorry for the delayed responses, more to follow. My rad wife got me a PS3 for XMas and when not playing Bakugan with XuanXuan, I've been deep in the study of MotoGP 08 and Assassins Creed II (awesome).

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Do you mind going over what you're working on in this part? At a guess, I'd say keeping the spine centered in your body while you move. Keeping slack out of the arms and the arms connected with the upper cross. Do you have contradictory forces going out both arms? Are you working on up/down of the spine, too? Are you using the arm "twisting/turning" to start a sort of torque in the arms?
All of that and none of it really. I've done enough twisted mabu and shintaijuku and I'm actually trying to maintain the sensation of those exercises but with a partner, particularly on the first one. The arms have contradictory forces, but I'm trying to not give into the temptation to generate those forces with the muscles of the shoulders and arms. I'm really working on keeping the shoulders soft all the time. As for the twisting of the arms, it's like the arms rotate because of the pull of the waist and the waist moved because of the pull of the arms it's one unit. Spine is always up down, shoulders are always out/in (sideways), six directions yadda yadda yadda... Again, the first one is very much an exploration of a solo exercise with a partner. Nothing more. Particularly with the first one, I'm not even saying that the "Aunkai" version is better, the BASIC RUDIMENTARY kokyu done at the beginning is there to put eveyone on the same page, defining terms so to speak.

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
One of the hard parts is to tell just how much "resistance" Jeremy is giving. Don't take that the wrong way, just saying it's hard to tell from video. IHTBF.
Yeah, I'm reminded of some of the early videos of Ark and Rob doing standing aiki-age and thinking I could see what was going on in the video. Then I met them, and realized just how much resistance Rob is capable of generating while looking like he's just standing there, then I felt Ark and realized just how much power he can generate and well, that changed things now didn't it...

I will say that in the BASIC versions, Jeremy isn't offering much resistance. That's because there's no way I could throw him with those versions if he was going to resist me. He does offer quite a bit of solid foundational resistance in the second versions however. On most people at the dojo the technique actually looks more like twisted mabu/shintaijuku but I wasn't very on that night and couldn't complete the circle. Doesn't bother me one bit if you think he's tanking. Although if you know what to look for (particularly in the second frame based version of the first waza it's pretty clear he's not tanking).

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