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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)


I hope you have had some fine christmas days and enjoied it. And those of you who had to work on those days could nevertheless grasp a little bit of christmas.

I don't want to argue or quarrel! I just come again and again to the same point each time I read about IT oder Aunkai specific practice. or whateve it is called the right way.
Please notice that there is no such thing where I live an practice.

So I get my onlyimpressions and informations about thist way of practice from what you right and show here.

Well, that said ...

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
the "aikido" versions are posted for context and should not be considered ultimate versions of the techniques but as BASIC versions ....
It's not about being basic versions or about being one version among countless others. But you show both basic version of technique on a verry, verry beginners level. (footwork, positioning, where you have your arms ...)
So this execution of this form of this basic techniques in my eyes can't be used to compare it to whatever you want to compare it.

Then showing "your" technique you work a lot more in an advanced way. You move a lot more like it would be expected of someone who is doing Aikido on a more advanced level.
(Again footwork. using knees and shoulders, moving from the centers of the body and not with the arms ...)

Please excuse me! I don't know the graduation you hold in Aikido and I don't know the shihan you learned from.
I apologize very much.

Do you do this deliberately?

Also, a big part of the problem with video is the old, "it has to be felt".
Well yes: But I only have the video ...

So much of why what I'm doing in the vid has nothing to do with the specifics of the technique and all about how my body is coordinated.
So: What can be shown this way? How can I get what you like me to get, if it can't be communicated by a video?

And well, if you move showing "Aikido" structured like a beginner and you move showing "your technique" like a more experienced or advanced practioner (in our nomenclatur) i nevertheless have to believe that these differences are not of importance?

So if it's not about technique and not about youf body structure what can I see in your video?

Technical question:
Can you get the same use out of your back arm when relaxing it or do you have to strech it out?

As an old training partner from Aikido (yodan with almost 20 years of Aikido) who recently started training with us when he felt these versions put it, "Holy Sh!t!!!"
Well, that's the same what we here some times. But we are just also doing aikido.
Are there teachers doing "Yamaguchi Aikido" (don't like that term) in the US?

Again: I don't see anything which I haven't seen in an aikido-dojo. But you are wright: I only can see it. I don't feel it.


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