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Re: "Shinto" or "Shin Tao"?

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Hi Maggie,

[obsessive language geek mode]

For entirely informational purposes:

If you want to go with the Mandarin Chinese pronounciation, which is what I'm assuming you were going for with "shin tao", it would be written either "shen tao" or "shen dao", depending on what transliteration system you want to use. And both of which reference the Mandarin, not Cantonese, pronounciation. "Shen" is pronounced like "shun", as in to shun someone, while "dao"/"tao" is pronounced like "dow", as in Dow Jones.

In Cantonese, it would be pronounced and written something like "san dou". Either way, as Ellis noted, a Japanese speaker would never understand you.

[/obsessive language geek mode]

I believe you. I'm willing to admit I was wrong(I've said this 5million times) but I gave my source for why I chose to spell it the way I did.

I have a really high tolerance for misspelling and grammar issues actually. It may come from working with children. I also used to work in Brazil as missionary with children, and their English was worse than my own. Either way, I've grown to be cool so long as I understand what some one is saying.

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