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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
I'm supposed to be the target audience for this stuff! The same person you talked about in threads 2-3 years ago that you wanted to be interested in it and who should want to learn more. Now it's hard enough to get any information at all!! It's like the whole concept of it has regressed back to the point of you being worthy or dedicated enough to be worth discussing it with in the first place. I'm almost afraid to ask questions for fear of being regarded as some scrub who's looking for a "handout". Which is ironic considering how often that was discussed as being the reason these concepts and applications haven't been more wide spread over the decades. How the hell can you say that you want people to learn this stuff and then have that attitude towards outsiders who want to ask questions?
Hello Jason
Can you tell me who this is targeted at?

Anyway, like I said, it's hard enough to get clear information as it is, it's even harder when the channels are clogged up with two people who actually know something, bickering back and forth over nonsense. As your supposed target audience, I beg you, give it a rest!
Seems the general consensus is I get attacked, I defend.
Asking someone "When did you stop beating your wife?" is a well known example of journalistic baiting and disshonest discussion.
You might note that I generally don't ask for information, much less chase people around and chastize them for a) not answering b) not making all of their own examples fit in with known and accepted (Japanese) terms and methods that they are unfamilair with.
Consider that the conversation killing has a point source, an origination point...and you might key into what others already have figuered out and now know to be true.

If I ever made people feel like "scrubs" for asking questions you have my apologies-though I cannot think of when that might have happened.
Happy holidays
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