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Rennis Buchner
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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)

While this probably has little to do with anything but since the thought struck me why not write it down. One thing that struck me was that your footwork and general movement of the core of the body using the shintaijiku adapted movement was very nearly identical to how the late Kawabe Shigeru sensei used to teach that same technique. Although the arm movements are obviously different, he did also clearly teach a clear balanced movement between both arms. With that said, Akuzawa did throw me around much more easily than Kawabe sensei ever did so... (shrugs). Anyways, if nothing else it just shows that at least in some cases, adapting such movement into an aikido context shouldn't be such an issue as some of the general form is still floating around, if somewhat under-used in its potential.
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