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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)

@ all: the "aikido" versions are posted for context and should not be considered ultimate versions of the techniques but as BASIC versions to present a context for the conversation. Don't put too much into them, I don't know how many basic versions of those two techniques I've seen and done over the years, but to do them all would have been a waste of a memory card.

Also, a big part of the problem with video is the old, "it has to be felt". So much of why what I'm doing in the vid has nothing to do with the specifics of the technique and all about how my body is coordinated. As an old training partner from Aikido (yodan with almost 20 years of Aikido) who recently started training with us when he felt these versions put it, "Holy Sh!t!!!"

@ William: I'm familiar with the Nishio paradigm and it's good. First I think you'd agree that to have done the Nishio style of these techniques would not have offered as generic a starting point as I'd intended since they are fairly unique. Second, I think what Nishio was getting at was a fairly straight forward way to get people to move in a fairly structured way. By keeping the movements of the arms and hand in accord with how an edge would be moved through space, it's pretty easy to get someone to move with more support and power. It's an excellent tool, I use it when teaching Aikido classes (particularly with kaiten nage where the effects can be quite pronounced). I would say however that it's only ONE way to structure the body to generate power.

@ David: Rob has written quite a bit about 'the cross' online, I'd find and re-read his "Messing with TMA" for a better discussion that I'd be able to offer here.

@ Erick: Yay for you, you've already established that you're a martial genious and we all eagerly await your videos and subsequent seminar series.

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