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Re: Aikido Practice at Home

Gerson Tuazon (PhiGammaDawg) wrote:
I usually do irimi tenkan practice, happo undo, some break falls if there are barely any ppl around...Besides that...i dont know what to practice...

My question is this...

How do you practice at home? Do you have a training formula that would work well for a beginning aikidoka (ehem!)? How long should one practice? What about space constraints at home? How do you deal with that?

I usualy start with Aiki Taiso.

Some irimi tenkan undo, shiho and happo geri undo.

Some ken and jo suburi.

Partner training with my imaginairy friend.

I practise for as long as it is fun or until I have to go and do something else (work, meet friends etc.) which varies from 20 minutes upto 2 hours.

For space constraints, well that is easy:

I wack the lamp with my weapons.

I hit the ceiling with my weapons leaving for other people uncomprehensible scufmarks.

Remember: dont wack the TV.

And on beautiful days I go and find a quiete place in the park.

Erik Jurrien Menzel
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