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Re: Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)

very nice. It's very interesting to see how similar the two versions are at their core. I noticed you mention both the aikido versions in terms of "being softer", but to me, they just look like the more pronounced versions we would do early on, until we got a better grasp on how to keep our body alignment and posture correct and also be mindful of Tohei sensei's four principles while in motion. The higher ranks of our organization, and especially Suenaka sensei himself, look much more like the second versions you did, in terms of power and economy of movement, than the first.

Not knowing what your interests are from applying the Aunkai principles into technique, but it would seem that if they were on applying those things back into Aikido it wouldn't be a huge stretch to do so once you had those principles more locked into your body. would you agree or disagree?

thanks again for the post!
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