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Short INFORMAL video of some of my stuff (frame based waza)

Happy Holidays. Jeremy and I shot a quick video the other night and it's up on Youtube.

Have a look here if you so desire.

Please keep these things in mind as you watch the video:

Think of it as a training blog, not an instructional how-to video.

While Jeremy offered some resistance for the "Aikido" versions of the two techniques, please believe me that he offered MUCH more resistance for the Aunkai/frame versions that I then demo. You'll just have to take my word for it, or watch the effect on him through his ukemi.

Realize that I'm showing two different things here, the first sayundo/kokyunage throw is what I would call a training tool, particularly at the speed I'm doing it. It's kind of artificial and more of a partner drill of a solo exercise. Sped up and with a few other changes, it starts to become something more applicable. This should also be clear during the third attempt where I'm talking too much and lose some connections so the technique goes no where. I actually kind of like that I blow that one because it shows the kind of resistance I'm working with and that Jeremy is not looking for where to fall down. In the second demo (iriminage) I would consider what I'm doing more of an applied waza. It's short, fast and not very pretty. With that one, I'm working more with how much decisive juice I can generate through the frame. Again watch how much control Jeremy has in his ukemi with the slower Aikido versions vs. the Aunkai/frame versions.

And finally, for clarity, these should not be looked at as examples of how Ark or Rob would do either of these waza, I was not shown either of them but they are an outgrowth of my ongoing training and experimentation. In other words: if you think it sucks, don't hang that on Rob or Ark, but if you think it's kinda cool, please realize that it's in large part the Aunkai paradigm that brought me there.


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