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Re: Gravity and the body

Jonathan Wong wrote: View Post
I don't know much about the traditional asian approach to the effects of gravity, as in the toll it puts on the body. But I think in the martial arts, gravity has been traditionally regarded as one of the 2 constant forces on the body. Since lots of arts are based from the point of view of getting force applied to you and issuing force, gravity would be a consideration at the very core of these arts.

Personally, my own pursuits make gravity+the ground's reaction force the basis of a first-hand understanding of the concepts of yin and yang. They are interdependent (in free fall you are weightless, so only by your weight pushing on the floor do you feel a down and an up), opposite in direction, and exactly equal in magnitude. Thus they are perfect examples of yin and yang. (also they share a mutual origin, a nice touch that I don't think any traditional cultures should have had any knowledge of. I am talking about gravitational fields being a result of the existance of mass like planets and organisms.)

So, I would say traditional asian cultures are concerned with gravity very much, in that the whole yin/yang theory might have been directly due to people feeling/studying gravity.
"From the one comes the two (yin and yang) and from the two comes ten thousand things." Or, to really push the conceit: in aikido terminology one might express it as from:
comes and

That's a stretch, but it's food for thought.

I wonder, then, how gravity might be differentated in the body. Does it act on either side of the body? or on the front and back side of the body. Or as one part lowers/sinks, the other rises.

Thanks for your thoughts. I'm going to mull over this for a while.
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