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Re: Gravity and the body

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Anyone else with any thoughts or opinions on gravity and the traditional asian approach to its effects feel free to chime in.
I don't know much about the traditional asian approach to the effects of gravity, as in the toll it puts on the body. But I think in the martial arts, gravity has been traditionally regarded as one of the 2 constant forces on the body. Since lots of arts are based from the point of view of getting force applied to you and issuing force, gravity would be a consideration at the very core of these arts.

Personally, my own pursuits make gravity+the ground's reaction force the basis of a first-hand understanding of the concepts of yin and yang. They are interdependent (in free fall you are weightless, so only by your weight pushing on the floor do you feel a down and an up), opposite in direction, and exactly equal in magnitude. Thus they are perfect examples of yin and yang. (also they share a mutual origin, a nice touch that I don't think any traditional cultures should have had any knowledge of. I am talking about gravitational fields being a result of the existance of mass like planets and organisms.)

So, I would say traditional asian cultures are concerned with gravity very much, in that the whole yin/yang theory might have been directly due to people feeling/studying gravity.
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