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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Joshua Reyer wrote: View Post
I seriously doubt the problem here is inadvertant contact, such as collisions and the like. The man lives in the real world, no doubt he has inadvertant contact with women all the time. The issue here is simply one of training with women.

If there are no female instructors, and class size is not an issue, then I'm with Chris Li on this. If there are female instructors, or classes do tend to be small, then obviously his special needs are not within the dojo's ability to accomodate.
I think its hilarious you suggest he leave his religious beliefs at the door and not just not take the class. Restricting your training to one sex is not true Aikido though they may try to call it such. However I would not abandon the principles of Aikido or my own faith so the best thing is the two stay the hell away from each other. If your religion has restrictions that affect Aikido training don't train in Aikido. Simple.

"I would only agree to the extent that we should accomodate people with RR's whose problems do not affect other people's training any further than any other problematic, but accommodated, social issue (such as stinkiness) does. Sometimes the guy is so stinky that you sit out rather than train with him. Should we kick him off the mat? Sometimes the guy or gal is so out of shape that he or she has to stand aside for a moment, and nobody gets to train with him or her when that happens. Should we kick them off the mat?

What we're trying to hash out here, I guess, is just what exactly "reasonable" means in this case."

I would absolutely expel someone from my dojo who was a disruption because of their own faults. When we are training we are training not catching our breathe, when coming in to practice bathe your self and brush your teeth and trim your finger nails and keep a clean uniform. I expect an effort and and apology when expectations aren't met. However I am very stubborn and probably a little off my nut.

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