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Marc Abrams
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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post

What big names have you defeated? That's the first question the Chinese ask about some loudmouth that brags incessantly about himself as a fighter. So what big names have you defeated, Dan, if your fighting is so important a proof of what you can do? Are you unbeatable? If not, then anyone who beats you in a real fight has got better I.S. credentials than you do, according to the rules you're trying to set. Or can you see the logical trap that you're setting for yourself? It's the same bs you did when you denigrated Ueshiba (an old Ueshiba) and let on how your skills are better than his were. But hey... you seem intent on some sort of desperate trivializing everyone you've met or heard of as not being quite up to par with you. So good luck, little man.

Last time I'm asking.... either post something substantive or just live with it that you're fully and completely exposed now. I'm tired of the nonsense. Let Jun close the thread.

Mike Sigman
Mark kindly suggested that Dan and Mike, in the spirit of the holiday season go to their perspective corners and stop it already. Mike, the Master Debater, consistently violates his own rules about personal attacks. He has simply fails to impress anybody in his role as some Master Debater.

Mike likes to talk the talk, and now maybe it is time that he walks his talk.

Okay Mike, You present yourself as somebody. Why don't we arrange a private meeting between you and Dan so that both of you can both talk it out and work it out. Hell, I will open my house and dojo up to both of you to finally meet and step up to the proverbial plate. I would assume that at least Dan will step up to the proverbial plate and put his words to the test. How about you?

I frankly am sick and tired of both of you going at each other in the manner in which you both do. I would not be surprised that a poll would show that a majority of us feel the same way.

So Mike, If Dan is the "little man" and if you are not willing to walk your talk, what does that make you? My money is on that Dan would be willing to have such a meeting. Dan seems to have no problems meeting others to check things out for himself. I frankly think that you will not stand behind your own words. Heck, if you do, I can promise both of you that I will wine and dine both of you in a wonderful manner. Who knows, maybe, just maybe such a meeting would stop the kind of back-and-forth that is going on. Why not leave Jun out of this and handle it directly for a change?

Marc Abrams

ps- Happy Holidays!
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