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Mike Sigman
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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Right back to your same old routine, Mike. Another dodge.
Why do I say this

Because it's what you do over and over. You just did it again on the transmission thread to Toby:

I'll bet you'll let Toby go first...for some very obvious reasons.
Anyway, ya just keep dodging nuts and bolts answers and instead recite Chinese classics and ask other people to describe things they do for you and then tell people "Well that's not bad but....."
The problem with those inane comments is that I've explained, publicly shown and taught (and they're on video, videos that you've seen and commented on yourself) all those things. What are you trying to do.... pretend that my entire history has disappeared because you have some desperate urge to attack me personally? Why don't you appeal to the public and ask if I've ever explained anything in depth to any of them? I'm not sure who you're think you're posturing to with this absurd nonsense, but think about it a second..... there is a huge number of people that you have to know realize you're simply blowing smoke about never having explained anything.
I assume then that you can't explain Aiki in yo ho in plain language as I suspected all along? As "everyone knows,Mike;" it's pretty straight forward stuff. I'm sure once someone explains it to you- you'll tell them you already know that too, and have mastered that as well.
Transparent as glass.
Someone else just asked me the same question I'm thinking, Dan, so let me ask you.... do you really think that Aiki in yo ho is something that is outside of basic internal strength skills? In other words, did you understand my response that there is no big deal about Aiki in yo ho? You've seen my written, at-length descriptions of "aiki" in numerous posts on AikiWeb and I've asked in the past why you treat aiki as a "thing" when it's really just a variation of basic jin. You've never been able to answer. Yet aiki, as you term it, is simply a usage of jin. Do you want to deny that?
P.S. Your actual fighting skills with IP/Aiki are questionable. It's not an insult, it's just fact.
They're not questionable by you, Dan. You're once again simply looking for some way to smear. You're like these clowns that go around looking for some anecdote (usually something that happened in a controlled demonstration, but they hop on it anyway) about Chen Xiaowang, Ueshiba, Liang Shouyu, etc., etc., not because there's any interest in discussing what really happened or principles, but because they're looking for some way to put someone down. Like I said, pretty low class.

What big names have you defeated? That's the first question the Chinese ask about some loudmouth that brags incessantly about himself as a fighter. So what big names have you defeated, Dan, if your fighting is so important a proof of what you can do? Are you unbeatable? If not, then anyone who beats you in a real fight has got better I.S. credentials than you do, according to the rules you're trying to set. Or can you see the logical trap that you're setting for yourself? It's the same bs you did when you denigrated Ueshiba (an old Ueshiba) and let on how your skills are better than his were. But hey... you seem intent on some sort of desperate trivializing everyone you've met or heard of as not being quite up to par with you. So good luck, little man.

And by the way... you haven't answered a single substantive question I've asked. You simply can't. You made a chump of yourself with that comment about the one jin on RSF and not understanding about the famous jin quote.... so I'll ask the obvious question again: how can you claim to spot something "deep" when you're on record numerous times not understanding the superficial and obvious? My posts on "jin" and "aiki" are archived, so you can't say there's no answer. Your numerous sudden silences when confronted with an embarrassing revelation about your posts are archived, too.

Last time I'm asking.... either post something substantive or just live with it that you're fully and completely exposed now. I'm tired of the nonsense. Let Jun close the thread.

Mike Sigman
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