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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

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Oh, fer cryin' out loud. Now you're making it look like Alejandro was right about you just hating Islam. The guy at Fort Hood was literally certifiable, and if extreme religiosity makes a deluded schizophrenic more likely to to on a rampage, it's not even close to limited to Islam. Remember that guy who killed the women in the gym? Motivated by Christianity. Likewise Timothy McVeigh, the guy who shot all of those little Amish girls, and the Virginia Tech shooter.
Actually, Major Hasan was not certifiable. He had never served overseas and did not have PTSD like some people would like for you to think. He was actually being investigated by the FBI. He had given a power point about Muslims can't serve in the military during a medical conferences when he should have been giving a power point on a medical topic. If you dive further into this you will see that he did consider himself a Soldier of Allah and that he was doing this as an act of terrorism. He didn't go into a shopping mall or a school. He did this on a military facility and according to Islam this is a legitimate target. People were too afraid of doing anything because they were afraid of being accused of religious discrimination, thus taking PCism too far.

As long as the RR guy takes most of the lost training on himself, you shouldn't complain so loudly. He's losing a hell of a lot more training due to his handicap than you are.
This would be so if the dojo was more than half women. And, yes, I will still complain loudly even though you don't like it. Sorry, if your offended.

...That would be because they're the MAJORITY there. No, I don't think it's ok. At all. I also don't think cutting off people's heads with dull knives is ok, and I'm not going to start doing it just because they are.
But yet, you still defend the belief system. The same belief system that justifies not training with women also justifes them not only not accomodating minorities but also burning their churches, throwing acid on women, and cutting off people's heads. I'm talking about the Whabbist view of Islam where this train of thought and justification of this belief begins.

I would only agree to the extent that we should accomodate people with RR's whose problems do not affect other people's training any further than any other problematic, but accommodated, social issue (such as stinkiness) does. Sometimes the guy is so stinky that you sit out rather than train with him. Should we kick him off the mat? Sometimes the guy or gal is so out of shape that he or she has to stand aside for a moment, and nobody gets to train with him or her when that happens. Should we kick them off the mat?

What we're trying to hash out here, I guess, is just what exactly "reasonable" means in this case.
I already explained what is reasonable. Go re-read my previous posts. If you can't figure it out then I just can't keep explaining myself over and over.
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