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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

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Alejandro, I don't think that's true. BTDT isn't saying that she dislikes RR people; she's saying that she doesn't want to so much as twitch a whisker to accommodate what she sees as discriminatory religious practices. Since the religious practices in question are in fact discriminatory against her as a woman, it's hard to claim that she doesn't have a case - just that maybe she's being a bit extreme in her refusal to accommodate special needs.
Lorien, you do not need to speak for me or explain my opinions for me. You do not need to patronize either. Thank you.

I set forth a strong argument and the best you can do is to paint me as the extremist? I think not. Accomodating the extreme is being extreme in and of itself. Extreme tolerance is not the answer to this problem. It is the problem.
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