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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Right back to your same old routine, Mike. Another dodge.
Why do I say this
Other than you "quoting" other sources-I've never read a single word of anything "deep" coming from -you- personally.
Because it's what you do over and over. You just did it again on the transmission thread to Toby:
willow quotes would be the usual general Chinese quotes from cosmology about using the qi/forces of Heaven and Earth, harmony with the forces of nature (use the forces; no resistance), and movement within stillness (be interested to compare notes on that one, but don't want to write an exposition).
I'll bet you'll let Toby go first...for some very obvious reasons.
Anyway, ya just keep dodging nuts and bolts answers and instead recite Chinese classics and ask other people to describe things they do for you and then tell people "Well that's not bad but....."

I assume then that you can't explain Aiki in yo ho in plain language as I suspected all along? As "everyone knows,Mike;" it's pretty straight forward stuff. I'm sure once someone explains it to you- you'll tell them you already know that too, and have mastered that as well.
Transparent as glass.

P.S. Your actual fighting skills with IP/Aiki are questionable. It's not an insult, it's just fact. Do you spar with experienced MMA people regularly, semi-regularly? Go free style with various weapons; sticks, knives, etc since you developed these skills? No? Well there ya go. That's what I meant by "mud on your boots." No problem, I've seen it before, it just help explains the internet aggression.
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