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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I made no request from you-therefore the sincerity is not an issue.
Aiki in yo ho has not one thing to do with that Eric. It's a completely unrelated topic to what you wrote.
That was sincere by the way.
Really? You say so? I am not convinced you even understand what I wrote -- that does not mean it is the exercise in obfuscation you imply -- it just means the subject matter is dense and precise -- appropriately so for anything martially useful -- if it were shallow and sloppy it would not be martially effective.

Show, in any way you care to demonstrate it analytically that the statement is "completely unrelated." I am pleased to wait.

Your "cold blooded and analytical" advice doesn't work for anyone if you (or anyone) merely dictate the concepts and terms of the analysis -- especially because those terms are not objectively defined -- as Exhibit 1 witness your argument over the meaning of Aiki in yo with Mike (not to mention watashi-wa)...

Analytical thought requires objective concepts. Actual analytical thought requires this -- it is not optional or a matter of personal style. Not numbers or equations necessarily-- but objective terms. Mine are --- as precise as I can make them. Anyone can look them up -- independent of me -- to analyze what they mean and how they may or may not describe certain actions.

Dictating terms by assumption of authority, though ...

Hey, so much easier ...

"So let it be written;

So let it be done ..."


Erick Mead
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