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C. David Henderson
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Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Hi David,

Not to disparage anything you're saying, but (and this is really addressed to the conversation as a whole) isn't this fairly obvious? Ukemi is a learned skill, it's not something everybody does automatically. Why would we expect J. Random Person to go with the technique? They don't know how.
Hi Mary,

I'm glad it sounded obvious, actually. The reason I said anything is because it appeared the discussion centered on whether "uke" (if one could use that term loosely) either "resists" (not moving) or "moves" to avoid the pain (not resisting), leaving out what I would guess most of us recall from our own experiences -- moving in the wrong direction (e.g., withdrawing) reflexively.

To me, one of the early interesting lessons from training was learning to act in ways that weren't intuitive and sometimes were physically difficult but had better -- less painful -- outcomes.


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