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Re: Gyaku hanmi vs gyakute-dori

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Excuse me?

1. Check the date of this post. You'll probably find it to be 3 days ago.

2. Stalking? Picking on you? Listen, you ask "standing side by side", I answer "none". If I'm standing side by side with someone, no foot will be forward. You don't like my answers and that's plain fact.

3. Harassing? Who? Me? What's your definition of harassing? Are you making a case on me? Go leave me alone. You ask, I answer. That's the forum dynamic.

4. Pick a fight? Just because you don't like us "meatheads"? Check your wording in recent posts, along with the timing of them all.

5. Beat my chest at little girls? Now I've heard it all. OMG. A gokyu who don't want to listen to her elders is what you are. No chest beating here, just reasoned answers to your questions. But you don't seem to like the answers given, since you're not looking for answers, but for reinforcement on your own opinions.

Don't worry. I've already been "warned" by Jun. There's no place for meatheads in this place. Stay cool.
Agreed, stay cool.
I wasn't calling you a meat in that post. I was referring to the guy that found my contact info to harass me on my personal mail. I apologize,I'm hypersensitive, because some one following me to my personal info is REALLY CREEPY! I wasn't even talking to you in that thread, so I was not referring to you. I apologize in that instance.

I'm not a 5th kyu, that's not an updated PDF, and it is creepy that anyone would even do a back ground check on me.
I have no issue with answers to questions... I have issue with disrespect. It comes across like you have no will to teach, justyou want to make others feels stupid to make yourself feel smart. Teach me, that's fine, but don't insult me while you do it.

You are not my senior... your some guy on the internet. You could be anyone, from anywhere. I don't know you or what you really are... you don't know me or what I am. So we are on a level ground.
I apologize sir.

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