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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 16

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On Mike's question about "ki" in the aikikai after Tohei: It has always been my impression since my early days training in the 80s (ie. before the internet when hearsay and oral culture was king) that "ki" curriculum was tainted because of its association with Tohei. My impression was very strong that "ki" was Tohei and so out it went with Tohei no matter its utility or lack thereof.
It is my impression as well. If you look at the books that came out of the Aikikai before the split, all of them had they same view on ki; not just Tohei's books. However after the split, ki was noticeably absent from anything coming out of the Aikikai. Also, during my training in the early days of the Ki Society back in the 70s we were told that there was no ki being taught at the Hombu and that is why Tohei left - of course today, we know that there was more to the reason for the split than just no ki, etc.

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