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Thomas Campbell
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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 16 is focused on the Chinese internal martial arts (many other martial arts are discussed too). However, the subject of internal strength and connection is only one topic among a broad range of martial arts (and non-MA) subjects discussed, so the conversation and explication tends to be in individual threads (sometimes scattered among individual threads) rather than the primary topic that the forum is dedicated to. Like Prof. Goldsworthy, I would recommend the QiJin forum (contact Mike Sigman at to sign up) for a look on both the what and the how-to aspects of internal strength. There is a definite perspective at QiJin that is helpful to consider, although there are other sources that are very useful as well.

It is important to look far and wide as well as deep in figuring internal strength out. Aikiweb and before that the forum have had very illuminating (for me) discussions. The CIMAs have useful ideas and training practices, but high levels of internal skill are as rare among Chinese internal martial artists as elsewhere.

That's what is so exciting about the discussions on open forums, in that people who might not otherwise be exposed to discussions about internal principles and training can obtain some idea of what it involves--and find out where to look further.
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