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Re: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder???

I have spoken with Mr osborn about his program earlier this year and I honestly believe he has a pure desire to help. As a Veteran I applaud his sense of duty and want to serve his fellow soldiers, as a disabled veteran I applaud his sense of understanding ,this man wants to help in any way possible and realizes that a non confrontational open ended system like the one we are all fortunate to practice offers the latitudes to explore the what if factor . What if I lost my leg or what if my balance is no good for combatives and lets explore how we can adapt this to a wheelchair . I say Ailido is great for vets because they can return to get out of the way let it go and you win , calm in the middle of a blender anything other than a constant reminder of what you cant do and the only way to resolve a conflict is still through something physical . When you can take someone with bent or broken limbs and explore with them the ways to make a technique work and they start to see what they can do and they start to become animated and joke and find their world and much more important their value and that is as close to the meaning of Aikido as you can get and the world would be a much better place .I am humbled by his example and privilaged to get to comunicate with him . Anyone knowing any Aikidoka with a limitation please have them contact this man
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