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Re: Pain

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
...have you ever asked yourself why? ...
I believe the best way to discover it by yourself is to go and practice aikido with different styles\federations.
How come you presume I wouldn't train with different styles of aikido???
Not only I do exactly what you would like me to do.
I even train with people not practicing aikido at all but other martial arts.

Then,suddenly you can discover that the usual way of executing techniques is not good anymore. Your techniques are not working anymore.
On the contrary: I exerienced it works quite well.
Again: How come you presume, the techniques wouldn't work???

AND - you can feel a good amount of pain when receiving techniques from advanced students.
Students of other styles? Sure!
Advanced students of our style just move me but don't hurt me.
;-) Most of the time ...

It is enough if some advanced student (6th dan and more) will 'play heavy Uke' - means he will stop to help you. I'm not talking here about resistance or counters - only being neutral. Try it, and you will discover whole new world, new aikido dimension, where all your present convictions about aikido are meaningless.You will have pain to apply technique and he will feel pain from your application.
Well there are not a lot of 6th dan to train with here in Germany. It's the last but one grading you can get in aikido aikikai as a non-Japanese.

So 6th dan are a little rare to practice with. I'm sorry.
But I know a lot of 5th dan to play around. One of them is my teacher.
Again: How come you presume I didn't experience heavy uke???
My teacher sometimes is singing "I am a rock, I am a mououountain..." when I try to move him. ;-)

you will discover whole new world, new aikido dimension, where all your present convictions about aikido are meaningless.
You seem to forget what I wrote somewhere above:
I know how to inflict pain. I know how to try to move uke by pain. I know this way of aikido very, very well and practiced it the first 10 to 12 years.
Then I discovered a whole new world, new aikido dimensions.

And I changed or try to change my aikido not because I have become a pacifist or something like that. But because I found technique that does truly work.
(Not only on peple of the same style ...)

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